Shifty's Story

As a retired high school biology teacher, I have always found joy in learning about the processes through which energy is passed through the world. In my personal life this has brought a deep passion for experiencing new foods, flavors, and cooking methods. Our neighbors and local farmers in Michigan strive to raise the best foods. As an avid outdoorsman, we spend endless hours afield in various conditions to provide for our family for the winter. It's important for us to provide good, clean food for our loved ones. This is why I am passionate about preparing and serving food so that my friends and family can savor the taste. Most of my adult life, my family and I have received seasonings for Christmas and birthday gifts. I have tried and purchased hundreds of different rubs and seasonings. When seasoning quality foods, I have found that less is more. When we worked hard for that venison roast or foraged mushrooms, we were looking for a seasoning that enhances and brings out the flavor. When working with high-quality ingredients, I have found myself applying these seasonings in smaller quantities to avoid overpowering the taste of these already good foods. The art of seasoning to enhance flavors rather than overpower them, led me to branch out and create my own seasoning line with the goal of complementing good food. We developed Shifty’s Classic Seasoning for those who enjoy the taste of good food.